Resources for patients and their families

AboutKidsHealth – PainAboutKidsHealth provides “information on acute and chronic pain from symptom recognition, to assessment and diagnosis to treatment and long-term outcomes. The information has come from many sources and has been adapted in collaboration with the Pain Centre at The Hospital for Sick Children” ( Further information about pain and pain management on this website can be found here.

PainBytes. Pain Bytes is part of the Australian website Pain Management Network. From the introduction: “This website is designed to you gain a better understanding of your pain. The site contains information to enable you to develop skills and knowledge in the self management of your pain in partnership with your healthcare providers ” (


Educational tools for healthcare professionals

Sickkids Online Paediatric Pain Curriculum. The goal of this curriculum is to provide a broad education platform, for health-care professionals to learn about pain within clinical, basic science, and ethical themes. These 10 modules are free and can be viewed independently and interchangeably” (


Professional organizations

American Pain Society“The American Pain Society is a multidisciplinary community that brings together a diverse group of scientists, clinicians, and other professionals to increase the knowledge of pain and transform public policy and clinical practice to reduce pain-related suffering.” (

Canadian Pain SocietyThe mission of the Canadian Pain Society is “to bring together scientists, educators, health care professionals, and patients to foster education and research on pain mechanisms and management, and to improve access to high-quality care with the goal of preventing and treating pain more effectively”  (

ChildKind InternationalChildkind International “is dedicated to improving the quality of pediatric pain care around the world” (Background). Their vision is “Reducing pain and needless suffering, for all children, no matter their site of care through the awarding of an international certification of excellence in pediatric pain relief; a global recognition of the damaging effects of inadequate pain prevention and treatment in children; an open exchange of knowledge, best practices and protocol in the prevention and treatment of pain” (

International Association for the Study of PainThe vision statement of the the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) is: “Working together for pain relief throughout the world”. Their mission is to bring “together scientists, clinicians, health-care providers, and policymakers to stimulate and support the study of pain and to translate that knowledge into improved pain relief worldwide” (

Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood (SIG) of the International Association for the Study of Pain. The objectives of SIG are “to promote education about pain in children; to share relevant information about children’s pain control; to advance our ability to alleviate children’s pain from an international and interdisciplinary perspective; to encourage research, particularly multicenter studies, and studies which focus on unique problems of pediatrics, including newborns” ( “The Pediatric Pain Letter (PPL) provides free, open-access, peer-reviewed commentaries on pain in infants, children and adolescents” (

The Arthritis Society. “The Arthritis Society is a national health charity, fueled by donors and volunteers, with a vision to live in a world where people are free from the devastating effects that arthritis has on lives” (,-mission-values). The mission of The Arthritis Society is “to invest in cutting-edge research, proactive advocacy and innovative solutions that will deliver better health outcomes for people affected by arthritis” (,-mission-values).

The Sandbox Project. The Sandbox Project is a charity “about one thing: making Canada the healthiest place in the world for children to grow up by supporting their health, safety, and well-being” (



Last Updated: July 24, 2019